How Do You Reveal God?

God said “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” (Gn 1:26).  We often think about this in terms of our capacity to create, or to love, or to think and to reason, or our passionate desire for union, be it with another person or with God (and ultimately with God).

God also saw that everything he had made was very good (Gn 1:31).  God is all good, and all good is God.  The Creator is infinite. His creatures are finite.  Because we as His creatures are very good, and we as His creatures are all different from one another, this means that we all reveal some different part of the infinite God, just in our being. Continue reading

Thank You, Priest

The priest who celebrated Mass today at the church I usually attend on weekdays was the parish’s spanish-speaking parochial vicar.

There are priests who are easy to understand, priests who are difficult to understand, and then there is this priest.  I’ve been to a few Masses that he celebrated, and he usually uses a small book to help him with his english sermon.  For some reason, the book wasn’t working for him today.  After a few long breaks of silence (one was about a minute long) and a few labored words, he gave up and moved on with the Mass. Continue reading